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Occupational asthma from crushed and sawed frozen squid

Occupational asthma from crushed and sawed frozen squid
Agent Squid (Loligo vulgaris)
Job Frozen food operative 
Specific IgE positive to mixed seafoods
Skin prick test positive prick to prick squid, antigen positivr to oysters and muscles
Non-specific reactivity not done
Serial Peak Flow not done
Induced sputum 47% pre SIC, 30% at 24 hours
FENO Not done
Tear eosinophilia 2% pre SIC, 44% at 3 hours
Specific Challenge positive dual reaction (FEV1) and immediate conjuctival reaction
Follow-up no information

There arre now two papers describing occupational asthma to squid antigens, the first was in those cooking squid with presumed antigen in the steam. The second involved frozen squid which ws crushed and sawed. Squid joins the large range of seafoods causing occupational asthma when inhaled.



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Jolanta Walusiak, Lodz, an author of 'Occupational allergy to squid (Loligo vulgaris)'

Abstract Available for Occupational immediate type squid allergy. Two cases Tabka F, Choudat D, Vacher JG, Thomas-Alliel S, Martin JC, Conso F, Occupational immediate type squid allergy. Two cases, Rev Fr Allergol, 1998;38:713-715,


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