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Occupational asthma: Occupational Lung Disease Referral Centre : Birmingham Regional Occupational Lung Disease Centre Referral Centre


Interstitial Lung Disease Interdisciplinary network, mainly nurses

E learning for generalists about occupational asthma
A series of cases introducing the basics of the occupational asthma guidelines to generalists and GPs. You have to register on the BMJ learning site first (free)

British Lung Foundation "Breathe Easy" Support Group Network
The Breathe Easy support group network provides support and information for people living with a lung condition, and for those who look after them.

MS25; medical guidance for workers exposed to occupational asthmagens
Priced publication from the HSE. Provides guidance for doctors and other health professionals, particularly those concerned with occupational health, about occupational asthma and its prevention.

List of substances that can cause occupational asthma (HSE, UK)
A list of substances that can cause occupational asthma from the UK Health and Safety Executive. This is not an exhaustive list.

HSE (UK) faq's on occupational asthma
Frequently asked questions about occupational asthma. This site also has some other useful information.

Online DWP claim form for Occupational Asthma (UK)
The Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit form for occupational asthma. Includes notes and help on claiming. From the Department of Work and Pensions, UK.

NIOSH surveillance guidelines for occupational asthma
Surveillance guidelines for US state health departments. Includes reporting reccomendations and decision making flow chart.

Spirometry Longitudinal Data Analysis (SPIROLA)
Free program to analyse longitudinal spirometry for individuals and groups. Identifies at risk individuals and measures the precision of the data. Very useful for Health Surveillance. Based on published research by Eva Hnizdo et Al.

Occupational asthma hazard prediction program
An online program to predict the occupational asthma risk from any given chemical structure. This page contains links to the program and tools to help create the molfiles that the program uses.

Chemical Book - Mol File Database
Extensive Chemical Database with Mol Files. Can be quickly and easily used with the Occupational Asthma hazard prediction program.

Haz-Map, A Relational Database of Hazardous Chemicals and Occupational Diseases
Haz-MapĀ® is an occupational toxicology database designed for physicians, physician assistants, occupational health nurses, and industrial hygienists to assist them in the recognition of diseases caused by toxic chemicals. Haz-Map links jobs to hazardous job tasks which are linked to occupational diseases and their symptoms.

Useful resource for information on pneumotoxic drugs

Health, Environment and Work - Occupational Asthma
This site provides many academically based educational resources for occupational asthma (also available as FAQs), a search facility, as well as vetted and updated 'links' relating to Occupational and Environmental Health and Medicine. It is written by Raymond Agius who is Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Manchester.


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