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Fernández-Nieto M, Quirce S, Carnés J, Sastre J, Occupational asthma due to chromium and nickel salts., Int Arch Occup Environ Health, 2006;79:483-486,
(Plain text: Fernandez-Nieto M, Quirce S, Carnes J, Sastre J, Occupational asthma due to chromium and nickel salts., Int Arch Occup Environ Health)

Keywords: skin prick test, chrome, nickel, hyperresponsive, NSBR, challenge, Spain

Known Authors

Joaquin Sastre, Fundacion Jimenez Diaz, Madrid Joaquin Sastre

Santiago Quirce, Madrid Santiago Quirce

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BACKGROUND: Exposure to chromium and nickel salts is a poorly characterized cause of occupational asthma.

METHODS: We describe four patients with work-related asthma due to metallic salts. Skin-prick tests to potassium dichromate and nickel sulfate were performed. The patients underwent methacholine inhalation tests and specific inhalation challenges (SIC) with both chromium and nickel salts.

RESULTS: Two patients showed positive skin-prick tests to potassium dichromate and nickel sulfate. All patients had bronchial hyperresponsiveness to methacholine, which increased 24 h after SIC with metallic salts. SIC with potassium dichromate elicited late asthmatic reactions (LAR) in two workers, one subject had an early asthmatic reaction (EAR), and another subject showed a dual asthmatic reaction (DAR). SIC with nickel sulfate induced a DAR in one subject and a late asthmatic reaction in another.

CONCLUSIONS: Chromium and nickel salts can give rise to occupational asthma in exposed workers. The underlying mechanism may be IgE-mediated in some cases.

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