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McCoach JS, Robertson AS, Burge PS, Floor cleaning materials as a cause of occupational asthma, Indoor Air, 1999;99:5:459-464,

Keywords: cleaning, benzalkonium chloride, colophony, oa, ch, challenge, occupational asthma, peak flow, tall oil, oasys

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Sherwood Burge, Oasys Sherwood Burge

Jennifer McCoach (now Croft), Oasys Jennifer McCoach (now Croft)

Alastair Robertson, Selly Oak Hospital Alastair Robertson

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Floor cleaning materials are increasingly being recognised as a cause of asthma in the workplace. In the West Midlands (UK) alone, there have been seventeen cases of occupational asthma reported to Shield where the most likely or proven cause was the floor cleaning material. There are a number of common constituents present in these materials which are possible causes of occupational asthma, the most frequently occurring substances are rosins, i.e. colophony based products, and benzalkonium chloride. Eight of the reported workers have completed serial peak flows analysis by OASYS-2 confirming occupational asthma. Six of these workers also underwent specific bronchial provocation tests to the constituents of the floor cleaning materials. In all of these cases, the results have confirmed that the floor cleaning materials are the cause of their occupational asthma. Most of the workers were only indirectly exposed in their workplace. Floor cleaning materials should be considered as a cause of occupational asthma when a direct cause is absent.

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McCoach JS, Robertson AS, Burge PS, Floor cleaning materials as a cause of occupational asthma, -, 1999; : 5:459-464

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