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Kjuus H, Hauge OA, Kongerud J, Aasen TB, Assessment of causal relationship in work-related pulmonary diseases. An epidemiological approach [Norwegian], Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 1996;116:736-738,

Keywords: diagnosis, history, compensation, causes

Known Authors

Johny Kongerud, Rikshospitalet, Oslo University, Norway Johny Kongerud

Tor Aasen, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen Tor Aasen

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A competent assessment of causal relationships in the case of work-related lung disorders depends on correct diagnosis, a detailed occupational history and updated epidemiological knowledge about causal relationships, obtained from the literature. Assessments for purposes of compensation demand, in addition, an explicit choice of methods for calculating causes, before a meaningful attempt can be made to weight the various factors in and outside the working environment. If adequate epidemiological knowledge is available, the causal probability, based on the etiological fraction among the exposed persons (attributable risk) may be a useful tool for apportioning the different causal factors

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