Bird fanciers disease

I have had bird fanciers disease for over 5 yrs - diagnosed by Mayo Clinic. My question is - I have had a very red face with cheeks almost purple with the slightest exertion. Family doctor ignores it. Could it be caused by the bird fanciers. Very short of breath.
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 2/20/2006, 1/23/2008,

Purple cheeks suggest that your skin is short of oxygen (cyanosed). This can be due to cold weather in normal people, or occur when the levels of oxygen in your blood are low. Bird fanciers lung if severe can cause low oxygen levels. This could be checked with an oximeter (levels below about 92% at sea level) or by taking a sample of blood from you artery (or ear lobe)

The link below gives more details.
Occupational asthma: Bird Fancier's Lung Bird Fancier's Lung

I have just been diagnosed with bird fanciers disease, I have been told to get rid of my birds, Its a passion of mine to have my birds and also a buisness opperation. Is there anything I can do to keep my birds and my life, I am on medication from the specialist, which are steroids and antibiotics, also having a lung function tests at the hospital.
Please help I will do just about anything to keep them.

I also have pet birds and am wondering how to be tested to R/O Bird Fancier disease. I have a few of the classic symptoms, but I also do not want to part with my babies unless of course I have too.

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