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Comments for the paper: "Acute hypersensitivity pneumonitis in woodworkers caused by inhalation of birch dust contaminated with Pantoea agglomerans and Microbacterium barkeri", 2019, Annals of Agricu
This is a new cause for hypersensitivity pneumonitis in furniture manufacturers starting after switching from Scots Pine to Birch wood. Unusually the cause was the microbes present in high concentration in healthy sap wood rather than from the wood itself, demonstrated with specific inhalation c ...
Published Paper Comments, , 9/5/2020, 9/24/2020,

Comments for the paper: "Occupational Exposure to Flour Dust. Exposure Assessment and Effectiveness of Control Measures", 2020, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health
No mention of enzymes, flour measurements only. Fairly basic control methods
Published Paper Comments, , 8/6/2020, 9/5/2020,

Comments for the page titled: "Bird Fancier's Lung"
Comments for the page titled: "Bird Fancier's Lung"
Page Comments, , 5/8/2008, 8/6/2020,

Comments for the page titled: "Courses"
This looks like a great course. Are there any plans to hold it in 2018? Thanks.
Page Comments, , 10/2/2017, 7/30/2020,

Can nematocides (particularly Vydate, Nemathirin or Mocap, cause asthma if inhaled?
Can nematocides (particularly Vydate, Nemathirin or Mocap, cause asthma if inhaled?
Occupational Asthma, Specialist, 3/25/2020, 3/25/2020,

Comments for the paper: "Delayed occupational asthma from epoxy exposure.", 2019, Occup Med
hardeners are isophorone diamine (2); diethyltoluene diamine; 1,3-diamine pentane; 4-methyl-1-piperazine diamine; 4,4,diaminocyclohexyl methane; 4-4 methylenebis(N,N-diglycyl aniline; 1,4-butanediol diglyceryl ether
Published Paper Comments, , 2/24/2020, 2/24/2020,

Comments for the paper: "Exposure and response to methyl isocyanate: results of a community based survey in Bhopal", 1988, Br J Industr Med
This study occurred before Bhopal evacuation and was centred on eye disease, much of the respiratory data was incomplete
Published Paper Comments, , 2/3/2020, 2/21/2020,

Comments for the paper: "Sequential Respiratory, Psychologic, and Immunologic Studies in Relation to Methyl Isocyanate Exposure over Two Years with Model Development", 1992, Environ Health Perspect
This is a study of the railway colony studied remotely in Bombay
Published Paper Comments, , 2/3/2020, 2/21/2020,

Is there any evidence on blood pressure and spirometry
Afternoon, I need some advice please, at present when carrying out respiratory assessments we have always advised to check peoples blood pressure and if it is high then spirometry should not be carried out, also our previous OHP advised if someone is on medication for high blood pressure then t ...
Occupational Asthma, Health Professional, 1/10/2020, 1/11/2020,

Vital Capacity
Hello, I work for an OH provider and I write the respiratory directory, what I would like to ask if there is any reason for carrying out VC ? as we only document the FVC FVC1 FEV1/FVC I do not feel that we need to carry out VC as we are not documenting this and we are not diagnosing, please ca ...
Occupational Asthma, Health Professional, 1/3/2020, 1/9/2020,

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