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Comments for the paper: "Risk of hypersensitivity pneumonitis and interstitial lung diseases among pigeon breeders", 2016, Eur Respir J
Many studies estimating the risks of hypersensitivity pneumonitis in pigeon breeders are confounded by selection bias including the over-inclusion of "survivors". This study overcomes this by includeding an inception cohort of 807 pigeon breeders and their general population referents, with a me ...
Published Paper Comments, , 9/1/2016, 9/1/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Environmental factors associated with baseline and serial changes in fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) in spice mill workers", 2016, Occup Environ Med
A difficult study to interpret on an individual worker basis from the point of view of the use of crooss-shift FeNo. It confirms sensitisation to garlic in 19% and chilli in 6% and wheat in 9%. FeNO cut of of 50ppb used
Published Paper Comments, , 8/30/2016, 8/30/2016,

Has anyone seen occupational asthma from norbanone diisocyanate?
Has anyone seen occupational asthma from norbanone diisocyanate?
Occupational Asthma, Worker, 8/20/2016, 8/20/2016,

Sponsorship of EU studies
We want to do a reasearch project that requires a sponsor. Is this a requirement of EU law?
Occupational Asthma, Worker, 8/20/2016, 8/20/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Occupational Asthma Due to Inhalation of Aerosolized Lipophilic Coating Materials.", 2016, Lung
An odd case report. Evidence for asthma not good, but work-relationship and steroid response clearer. Eosinophilic BAL, lipid laden macrophages in BAL, lipid droplets in alveolar walls, said to come from glue used in cardboard boxes, but no evidence for this. No challenge or PEF records
Published Paper Comments, , 8/12/2016, 8/12/2016,

Comments for the page titled: "Enzymes in breadmaking improvers can cause sensitisation in bakers"
The study reports IgE assays of workers from two supermarket scratch bakeries who had work-related upper or lower respiratory symptoms found on surveillances questionnaires. There was positive IgE to flour and/or amylase in 22% of samples from one bakery and 40% from the other. 66% of the samp ...
Page Comments, , 7/15/2016, 7/15/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Prevalence of sensitization to ‘improver’ enzymes in UK supermarket bakers", 2016, Allergy
It is unclear whether the enzymes tested were genetically engineered versions in common use or the original unmodified enzymes
Published Paper Comments, , 7/14/2016, 7/14/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Breath-taking jobs: a case-control study of respiratory work disability by occupation in Norway", 2016, Occup Environ Med
An interesting report from an industrialised area of SW Norway identifying workers who had changed their job becaause their job affected their breathing. This identified some well-known groups with a high risk of occupatonal asthma such as hairdressers and welders, confirmed the increased risks ...
Published Paper Comments, , 7/12/2016, 7/12/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Swimming facilities and work-related asthma", 2015, J Asthma
diagnosis on history and notes, no air measurements
Published Paper Comments, , 7/5/2016, 7/5/2016,

Oasys score versus the Timepoint Analysis
With an inadequate number of rest days between the exposures days, which is the most reliable score to use between the Oasys score and the Timepoint Analysis score? Kind Regards, Samantha
Oasys, Health Professional, 6/22/2016, 6/28/2016,

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