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Comments for the page titled: "The Data Sheet"
I can't get the data sheet to come up for a new person. What's up with that? How can I?
Page Comments, , 4/4/2012, 8/14/2017,

Comments for the page titled: "Bird Fancier's Lung"
Comments for the page titled: "Bird Fancier's Lung"
Page Comments, , 5/8/2008, 8/13/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Unabated occupational risk in a patient with rheumatoid pulmonary fibrosis", 2017, Occup Med
possible case of chronic HP in a chicken sexer. Also had rheumatoid arthritis. Immunology negative but granuloma on lung biopsy. Died
Published Paper Comments, , 6/27/2017, 6/27/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Occupational asthma caused by acrylic compounds from SHIELD surveillance (1989–2014)", 2017, Occup Med
This review of cases from the Shield database reported 20 cases of occupational asthma due to acrylates, 1% of total notifications 1989-2014. A tackifier used to stick carpet tiles down in a new school caused cases in teachers and an artificial limb maker was sensitised while making the prosthes ...
Published Paper Comments, , 6/26/2017, 6/26/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Biopsy-proven hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by a fluorocarbon waterproofing spray.", 2017, Occup Med
This case report of HP due to a waterproofing spray is unlike other reports with acute pneumonitis following a single exposure. This man was daily exposed spraying leather furniture
Published Paper Comments, , 6/26/2017, 6/26/2017,

Egg & peanut allergy - predisposition for allergic alveolitis ?
My son is to start work in a centre for birds and animals. Birds include a few parakeets, pigeons, chickens. He has peanut allergy (can go into shock), and egg allergy (vomits violently). He is also allergic to shellfish, house dust and pollen. (Mild asthma -has inhalers). On the whole his a ...
Occupational Asthma, Health Professional, 8/6/2016, 6/14/2017,

Has anyone seen occupational asthma from wood pellets
Eg the pellets that are made from energy crops or sawdust and are burnt to produce heat / energy.
Occupational Asthma, Worker, 8/20/2016, 6/14/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Interpretation of serial peak flow records for the diagnosis of occupational asthma – a method based on pattern recognition technology.", 1998, Unpublished
This paper was never published, we are not sure why as it was an improvement on Oasys-2. Perhaps the requirement to manipulate the input data to 5 days at work, 2 days off and 5 further days at work was thought to be a bit removed from the source data. We went on to develop the ABC score which s ...
Published Paper Comments, , 5/17/2017, 6/13/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Occupational allergy to fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) in laboratory workers", 2017, Occup Environ Med
This study shows a clear dose-response for frequency/intensity of exposure for specific IgE to fruit flies (5% low and frequent, 15% high and frequent) and work-related symptoms (chest symptoms 10% vs. 17%). There are a much larger number with work-related symptoms and no specific IgE (>30%) . T ...
Published Paper Comments, , 6/6/2017, 6/6/2017,

Comments for the page titled: "Occupational asthma cause by Triclosan, a biocide used by a nursery nurse; new cause"
A recent consensus statement has highlighted the increased risk of developing asthma after exposure to workplace and domestic cleaning products. Specific cleaning agents, such as benzylalkonium chloride, have been recognized as causes of occupational asthma by sensitization and now comprise a si ...
Page Comments, , 6/4/2017, 6/4/2017,

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