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Comments for the page titled: "Bird Fancier's Lung"
Comments for the page titled: "Bird Fancier's Lung"
Page Comments, , 5/8/2008, 4/26/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Bagpipe lung; a new type of interstitial lung disease?", 2017, Thorax
This is an interesting case report of fatal HP in a bagpipe player, whose bagpipes yielded Penicillium species, Fusarium oxysporum, Rhodotorula mucilaginosa and Trichosporon mucoides. The diagnosis was made from a history of improvement while away from home and bagpipes for 3 months in Australia ...
Published Paper Comments, , 3/28/2017, 3/28/2017,

Needing some help with understanding this serial PEFR report
This person had an acute exposure to diesel exhaust fumes and now have persistent respiratory symptoms. All previous investigation inclusive of serial peak flow and methacholine challenge was negative. She is no longer exposed but is on asthma medication and reportedly quite symptomatic. I rep ...
Occupational Asthma, Health Professional, 3/6/2017, 3/8/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Cooking smoke and respiratory symptoms of restaurant workers in Thailand", 2017, BMC Pulmonary Medicine
There is interesting data in this study, but the messages are difficult to disentangle. The study includes 4 different types of restaurants and neighborhood controls. Some fry (Thai cuisine, going oil exposure), some boil noodles (in water(, some serve food cooked elsewhere (reheating only) and ...
Published Paper Comments, , 3/2/2017, 3/2/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Original article: The effects of growing up on a farm on adult lung function and allergic phenotypes: an international population-based study", 2017, Thorax
This extends the work on early life farm exposure and other measures of microbial biodiversity to adults, showing a continued protective effect on the reduction of atopy. Biodiversity was scored by schooling or play schooling under 5, early life dog in the home, sharing bedrooms and having older ...
Published Paper Comments, , 2/27/2017, 2/27/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis: An EAACI Position paper", 2016, Allergy
I need the full text for learning and explaining occupational asthma well
Published Paper Comments, , 2/14/2017, 2/14/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Development of a job-task-exposure matrix to assess occupational exposure to disinfectants among US nurses", 2017, Occup Environ Med
This paper tries to estimate exposures to cleaning agents and biocides in nurses and finds that a job-exposure matrix is not very effective at this, but adding a section on tasks is better (a JTEM, job-task exposure matrix). Perhaps there is no real substitute for an occupational history? Expos ...
Published Paper Comments, , 2/10/2017, 2/10/2017,

Comments for the paper: "Comparing plasma, serum and whole blood indium concentrations from workers at an indium-tin oxide (ITO) production facility", 2016, Occup Environ Med
Indium-tin alloys are now used in the production of touch screens. Indium exposure can cause severe and unusual lung diseases with an alveolitis-like (or alveolar proteinosis-like) phase, progressing rapidly to destructive and sometimes fatal emphysema. The histology is unusual with large number ...
Published Paper Comments, , 12/21/2016, 12/21/2016,

Comments for the paper: "Effects of bioaerosol exposure on respiratory health in compost workers: a 13-year follow-up study", 2016, Occup Environ Med
This is an important paper reporting long-term surveillance of compost workers in Germany, and is generally reassuring except for an increase in cough and sputum. There seems to be no increase in asthma or alveolitis in this cohort. We are not told anything about the composting process, whether ...
Published Paper Comments, , 12/21/2016, 12/21/2016,

Comments for the page titled: "A descriptive study of occupational asthma due to acrylic compounds - study protocol. REC reference 16/YH/0308"
Study protocol
Page Comments, , 11/2/2016, 11/2/2016,

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