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Cormican LJ, Rees PJ, Hill Walkers’ Lung, Respiration, 2006;73:836-839,
(Plain text: Cormican LJ, Rees PJ, Hill Walkers' Lung, Respiration)

Keywords: toxic pneumonitis, case report, CT,waterproof,fluorocarbon

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A previously healthy female presented with a 7-week history of dyspnoea on exertion following inhalation of a fluorochemical-based water repellent spray, which was applied to footwear, in the living area that she shared with 8 members of her family while on a hill walking holiday. Clinical examination,serial lung function studies, bronchoalveolar lavage,transbronchial biopsies and high-resolution CT thorax confirmed a sub-acute interstitial pneumonitis, which did not resolve until 15 weeks following exposure. None of her family members were affected despite similar exposure. Interstitial pneumonitis due to inhalation of fluorochemical-based water repellent, though rarely described, usually presents in an acute severe form necessitating immediate therapy and resolves in 1–4 weeks. Pulmonary fibrosis can also occur.Sub-acute interstitial pneumonitis following inhalation of fluorochemical-based water repellent spray should always be considered as a cause of unexplained persistent respiratory symptoms in otherwise healthy individuals involved in outdoor pursuits.

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