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Krakowiak A, Krawczyk-Adamus P, Dudek W, Walusiak J, Palczynski C, Changes in cellular and biochemical profiles of induced sputum after allergen-induced asthmatic response: method for studying occupational allergic airway inflammation., Int J Occup Med Environ Health, 2005;18:27-33,

Keywords: induced sputum, eosinophilia, Poland, challenge

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Jolanta Walusiak, Lodz Jolanta Walusiak

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OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the study was to analyze morphological and biochemical changes in induced sputum after the provocation with occupational allergens (mixture of flours and grains) in subjects with diagnosed occupational asthma.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Subjects with occupational asthma and healthy volunteers had physical examination, skin prick tests with common and occupational allergens, and spirometry. Specific IgE against common and occupational allergens was also measured. Bronchial inflammation was characterized by the percentage of cells, levels of eosinophil cationic protein (ECP), and changes in mucosal permeability index.

RESULTS: There was a significant increase in the proportion of eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes, and in the ECP level in induced sputum of occupational allergics after the specific provocation.

CONCLUSION: Sputum induction is a reliable method for measuring allergen-induced airway inflammation.

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