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Hendy MS, Beattie BE, Burge PS, Occupational asthma due to an emulsified oil mist, Brit J Industr Med, 1985;42:51-54,

Keywords: asthma, oa, oil mist, ch, colophony, case report, metal-working fluid,

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Sherwood Burge, Oasys Sherwood Burge

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A toolsetter developed occupational asthma due to the oil mist generated by his lathe on which it was used as a coolant. The diagnosis was confirmed by serial measurements of peak expiratory flow at home and work, including a prolonged period away from work. Occupational type bronchial provocation tests were performed using the whole emulsified oil and its components separately. He reacted specifically to the whole emulsified oil and to the reodorant, a pine oil preparation. He also reacted to colophony, a constituent of the emulsifier

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