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Hendy MS, Cockrill B, Burge PS, The effects of naloxone infusion and stellate ganglion blockade on hot flushes in the human male, Maturitas, 1985;7:169-174,

Keywords: menopause, case report

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Sherwood Burge, Oasys Sherwood Burge

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A 77-yr-old man presented with severe episodes of hypotension, flushing and sweating starting immediately after infarcting his only remaining functioning testis. The attacks were shown to be mediated by the cervical sympathetic chain, the reaction on the face and neck being abolished by a stellate ganglion block. The severity and frequency of sweating was also considerably reduced with naloxone as may be seen in female climacteric flushing. Injection of testosterone significantly reduced the frequency and severity of the attacks, which were unaltered by oestrogen treatment

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