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Perdu D, Lavaud F, Cossart C, Legrele S, Passemard F, Deltour G, Dubois de Montreynaud JM, Detergent enzymes: has the risk of occupational sensitization disappeared?., Rev Mal Respir, 1992;9:443-448,

Keywords: oa, detergent, enzyme, maxatase, pt, ep, IgE, cross sectional

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Occupational allergy to enzyme detergents had almost disappeared by the use of preventive measures, both individually and in industries. The occurrence of 8 new cases of asthma in a detergent factory has led to a prospective clinical and aetiological enquiry. Although there was no documentation using the specific provocation test or by measuring respiratory function whilst at work, the occupational character of this asthma seemed possible after taking a history. Sensitization to the enzymes used (Savinase, Maxatase and Biozym P 300 S) was shown by skin tests (8 positive to all the enzymes) and the level of specific IgE to Rast (8 times greater than class 3 for Savinase and Maxitase) and for HBDT for Maxatase and Biozym P 300 S (greater than 50% in 8 patients). From another stand point the incomplete application of preventive measures within the factory did not seem to totally explain the origin of this sensitization. In fact, it was the study of the morphology of the enzyme grains, which had been introduced into the factory which helped us toX XXÖX:XXXF7XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXŠ explain the mechanism. In effect it was the capsules of the grain which were fissured and thus allowed allergen contact. The replacement of these grains whose envelope was intact, led to the disappearance of the symptoms and confirmed our hypothesis. There remains a continuing risk from occupational sensitization to asthma and it is suggested that there is continued collaboration between the medical profession and industry

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