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Jeffrey P. Griffin P. Gibson M. Curran AD, Small bakeries - A cross-sectional study of respiratory symptoms, sensitization and dust exposure, Occup Med (Oxford), 1999;49:237-241,


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Andrew Curran, HSL, Sheffield, UK Andrew Curran

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This cross-sectional study investigated the prevalence of respiratory symptoms and sensitization to dust components in 224 individuals in 18 small bakeries in Scotland. Each work practice in the bakeries was characterized by an assessment of dust exposure and assigned to a category with either a direct exposure to flour dust or an indirect exposure to flour dust. We found that work-related respiratory symptoms were significantly associated with specific $$$gE to wheat flour and amylase but not to exposure category (except for nasal/eye symptoms). However, specific $$$gE to wheat flour was significantly associated with exposure category. There was a higher prevalence of immunological sensitization, reporting of work-related respiratory symptoms and exposure to dust than in other studies and of the 144 personal dust sample results taken, 21(14.6%) of the total exceeded 10 mg/m3 the substantial dust concentration as outlined by the COSHH Regulations. Follow-up of those with work-related asthma symptoms (questionnaire response) was inconclusive of the work-relatedness of their symptoms, although it did confirm respiratory morbidity.

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