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Pepys J, Pickering CAC, Hughes EG, Asthma due to inhaled chemical agents- complex salts of platinum, Clin Allergy, 1972;2:391-396,

Keywords: oa, as , platinum, ch

Known Authors

Tony Pickering, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, UK Tony Pickering

Jack Pepys, Royal Brompton Hospital Jack Pepys

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Sixteen workers, from a platinum refinery, with respiratory disease were tested with solutions of complex salts of platinum and ten gave immediate prick test reactions to concentrations of 10-4-10-6and immediate nasal reactions in seven out of eleven tested to concentrations of 103-10-8. Occupational-type exposure inhalation tests to the dust from mixtures of 40 mg of the platinum salt with 1 kg of lactose gave immediate asthmatic reactions in eight and in one of these a late reaction, all also giving immediate prick test reactions. The asthmatic reactions were inhibited by disodium cromoglycate. In two with negative prick tests, late asthmatic reactions were elicited. The occupational-type exposure test provides a safe, acceptable procedure for etiological diagnosis.

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