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Nakamura S, On occupational allergic asthma of different kinds newly found in our allergy clinic, J Asthma Research, 1972;10:37-47,

Keywords: oa, as , ch, case report, pharmacist, pancreatin, enzyme, buckwheat, lycopodium, mulberry wood, Japan

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The following four kinds of occupational allergic asthma newly found by the author and his associates are reported here

1) Inhalative asthma caused by mulberry lumber among the lumber processors, 2) Inhalative asthma caused by the spores of lycopodium clavatum (“sekishoshi”) among dental technicians, 3) Buckwheat allergose among the cooks of a buckwheat-noodle service shop, and 4) Pancreatin allergose among the pharmaceutists. Including the cases introduced by the author, new sorts of occupational asthma have been yearly discovered as the fruits of untiring researches by the members of the Research Group on Occupational Allergy in Japan.

Nevertheless, various kinds of working circumstances exist in our surroundings, and occupational allergy of many kinds may still be unknown. Now the problem of occupational allergy comes into the limelight, likewise the question of public injury. We stand in need of looking at our surroundings again from this point of view.

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