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Pepys J, Allergic asthma to Bacillus subtilis enzyme: a model for the effects of inhalable proteins, Am J Industr Med, 1992;21:587-593,

Keywords: oa, review, enzyme, diagnosis, laundry, chemical, as

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Jack Pepys, Royal Brompton Hospital Jack Pepys

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The passage of 24 years since the diagnosis of allergic asthma in heavily exposed workers and in a few consumers due to dusty enzyme preparations of Bacillus subtilis compounded with laundry powder makes it possible to review objectively the many problems it raised. It emphasizes the lessons to be learned, relevant to inhalable enzyme products and to other inhalable proteins in general. Occupational allergic respiratory diseases were little studied at the time and the enzyme problems stimulated interest in what has now become a well-established and important field of medicine involving not only protein allergens but low molecular weight chemicals as well

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