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Cannon J, Fitzgerald B, Seed M, Agius R, Jiwany A, Cullinan P, Occupational asthma from tafenoquine in the pharmaceutical industry: implications for QSAR, Occup Med, 2015;65:256-258,https://doi.org/10.1093/occmed/kqu193

Keywords: uk, nc, tafenoquine, QSAR, oa, or, pharmacist,SIC, dual reaction, cr

Known Authors

Paul Cullinan, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, UK Paul Cullinan

Raymond Agius, Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, Manchester University Raymond Agius

Martin Seed, Manchester University Martin Seed

Julie Cannon, Royal Brompton Hospital London Julie Cannon

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We report occupational asthma and rhinitis in a formulation pharmacist, employed in the development of tafenoquine. Tafenoquine is a new anti-malarial drug in development; the pure drug substance has an asthma hazard index of zero and previously was not known to be a respiratory sensitizing agent. The implications of this finding for the refinement of quantitative structural analysis of asthmagenic chemicals are discussed.

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