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Cruickshank CND, Squire JR, Skin cancer in the engineering industry from the use of mineral oil, Br J Industr Med, 1950;7:1-11,

Keywords: oil folliculitis, review, uk, MWF

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1. Examination of machine operators at their jobs in three factories has shown that their skins become grossly contaminated with cutting oils. As an early result 80 per cant. of the workers become afflicted with oil folliculitis.
2. In addition, those workers who have been exposed for long periods to cutting oils have on their arms multiple hyperkeratotic lesions, 60 per cent of those who have been exposed for more than 15 years being affected.
3. A case of scrotal carcinoma in a machine operator from one of the firms has been described.
4. An investigation of the records of the United Birmingham Hospitals has revealed that during the last 10 years, 34 cases of scrotal cancer occurred. Of these, 6 occurred in machine operators and 6 in other workers exposed to oil in the engineering industry; 13 occurred in workers exposed to tar, pitch, etc.; the remaining 9 could not be allocated
to any definite category.
5. Biological tests showed that a sample of the cutting oil in use in one of the machine shops was capable of producing benign tumours on rabbits.
6. The significance of these findings is discussed, and the existence of a hazard of skin cancer for certain workers exposed to oil in the engineering industry is indicated.
7. Measures for the protection of machine operators are reviewed.

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