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Vandenplas O, Froidure A, Meurer U, Rihs HP, Rifflart C, Soetaert S, Jamart J, Pilette C, Raulf M., The role of allergen components for the diagnosis of latex-induced occupational asthma, Allergy, 2016;:,10.1111/all.12872

Keywords: latex, Belgium, IgE, SIC, challenge,

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Olivier Vandenplas, Universite Mont-Goginne, Yvoir Olivier Vandenplas

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Recombinant Hevea brasiliensis (rHev b) natural rubber latex (NRL) allergen components have been developed to assess the patients' allergen sensitization profile and to improve the diagnosis of NRL allergy.

To examine whether the determination of specific IgE (sIgE) reactivity to a panel of recombinant allergen components would be helpful for diagnosing NRL-induced occupational asthma (OA) in predicting the outcome of a specific inhalation test.

S: sIgE levels to NRL extract and 12 recombinant NRL allergen components were assessed in 82 subjects with OA ascertained by a positive specific inhalation challenge (SIC) with NRL gloves and in 25 symptomatic subjects with a negative challenge.

ULTS: The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of a NRL-sIgE level =0.35 kUA /L as compared to the result of SICs were 94%, 48%, 86%, and 71%, respectively. The positive predictive value increased above 95% when increasing the cut-off value to 5.41 kUA /L. Subjects with a positive SIC showed a significantly higher rate of sIgE reactivity to rHev b 5, 6.01, 6.02 and 11 than those with a negative SIC. A sIgE sum score against rHev b 5 plus 6.01/6.02 =1.46 kUA /L provided a positive predictive value >95% with a higher sensitivity (79%) and diagnostic efficiency (Youden index: 0.67) as compared with a NRL-sIgE =5.41 kUA /L (49% and 0.41, respectively).

In suspected OA, high levels of sIgE against rHev b 5 combined with rHev b 6.01 or 6.02 are the most efficient predictors of a bronchial response to NRL.

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