Instructions for using the Vitalograph PEF/FEV1 Diary

Instructions for using the Vitalograph PEF/FEV1 Diary

When to take the readings

The readings should be taken regularly, whether at work or not. You should aim to do 8 readings/day - one when you wake up, one on arriving for work (even if it is only a short time later) in breaks at work, one when you finish work, one in the evening and one before bed.

If you are working on afternoons or night shifts make readings approximately 2-hourly before work. When off work, spread readings evenly between waking and sleeping.

It is Important that you complete as many readings on days off work as when at work, and that you write down the times that you start and finish work each day. If off sick, carry on taking readings also.

Picture of the Vitalograph PEF/FEV1 Electronic Diary peak flow meter


  1. Place the mouthpiece into the end as shown in the photo. Use the on/off button to switch the machine on.
  2. Stand or sit in good posture.
  3. Take a deep breath - As Deep As Possible
  4. Place the mouthpiece into your mouth and close your lips around it tightly. Blow Out as Fast and as Hard as possible.
  5. Vitalograph PEF/FEV1 Electronic Diary symbol to indicate that more blows are required Do this as many times as the symbol on the left pops up on your display. This will be anywhere between 2-5 readings.
  6. When the machine is satisfied with the blows you have done, it will automatically switch off.

Please note: if you need to take your inhaler when it is time to carry out a peak flow reading, do the blow first, then take your inhaler. If you forget to take a reading, just go onto the next recording when you remember.


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