Website/Oasys downtime

Website/Oasys downtime

Sorry for any inconvenience while the website has not been working.

Unfortunately there was a problem with our webhosts who have told us that:

" ... the server was compromised and both drives on the server were deleted. The backups on the archive were deleted too. We are now using a special recovery tool to try to recover the files, however, there is no guarantee all files will be restored."

When taking up their hosting services we were assured that the data was backed up by a separate system:

 "We do a bare metal full backup every night to a separate tape drive system. This full bare metal backup will backup everything, which include all our client website files, databases, emails, and even the Windows System Files. In case of emergency or disk failure, we can do a complete OS recovery within 3-4 hours."

Unfortunately, we put our trust in this sevice and it has not delivered. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We have now retrieved a back up from elsewhere, but this was from March 2015, so anything entered between then and last week will unfortunately not be retrievable. 

We will now be doing our own local back ups on a monthly basis to safe guard for any future problems. We will be looking into moving to a different host in the future.

Thanks for your patience

Oasys Team


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