Is it possible to get occupational asthma working in flooring shop?

I worked as cleaner 2 years then I changed job and I started work 2 years ago as Sales Assistant in flooring shop, where I start problem with health.
Eyes, cough, breathing, skin, rhinitis. I was worried. I was healthy before, no allergy, no smoking, no drinking. When was worst, cough all night, can't talk without cough at work ,I went to GP.
I ask about help, I suggest allergy test. Test show dust mite allergy. Diagnosis:asthma.
GP gave me some inhalers, nasal sprays, allergy pills . But I am still have problems at work. Mainly at work.
My employer is not helpful. But I want know what is cause my illness?
I made additional test in Allergy Clinic. I am sensitive to formaldehyde.
My GP gave me now stronger inhaler.
Where can I make some additional tests. Maybe I am sensitive to wood dust too?? Why now I have problems mainly at work with breathing, eyes, cough?
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If you have asthma which is worse at work it suggests that the cause is at work. It is interesting that you were a cleaner before your present job. There is much interest in occupational asthma in cleaners, often due to the cleaning agents themselves rather than the mites, (exposure to these is usually worse at home). If your asthma started while cleaning, it could be made worse by the same agent used to clean your present workplace.
I am not sure what sort of testing you had to formaldehyde. If it was a patch test (stuck onto your skin for 48 hours), this is a test for contact dermatitis and not asthma. Formaldehyde is present in some cleaning agents, and is present in a common wood glue (urea formaldehyde).
If you think you might have occupational asthma, you should keep peak flow records as recommended in the patient section of this website, get them analysed professionally and see a specialist in occupational lung diseases. If you have an occupational health service you should see them first.

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