In Oasys Program, What are "S", "E","I+", "I-", "<>", "><" standing or used for ???

I've received Oasys program, installed without any problems and now I am trying to use.

But I have some questions.
1. What are "S", "E","I+", "I-", "<>", "><" standing and used for ???
2. In Interpret Menu "i", What is "1st reading ASOW meant for ?
3. I think I have an old version of Oasys because Oasys that I 've installed
does not look like Oasys that 've been shown in this website. Are there any significant different between them ?

Thank you for your kindness,
Chanon Kongkamol, Thailand
Oasys, Specialist, 10/9/2007, 10/9/2007,

3. The 10 year old (beta) version of Oasys is currently the only one that we are making available for free. The screenshots on this website are from the current version.

1. After pressing the interpret button the "S", "E","I+", "I-", "<>" and "><" buttons appear. It is theoretically possible to modify the interpretation using these buttons but it crashes a lot and I would not reccomend it.

2. This is shown on a form after pressing the "I" button mentioned above. I would not reccomend doing this.

The manual recommends pressing the interpret button. This is to check that all the event markers are in the correct order (W for Wake Up, S for Start Work etc). If the event markers are in the correct order the "S", "E","I+", "I-", "<>" and "><" buttons appear and there is nothing more to do. If they do not appear then the event markers are in the wrong order. Problem markers will be shown in UPPER CASE to make identifying them easier.

I hope this helps!

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