Transferral of data to OASYS is a program for online collaoration btw doctor and patient.
We would like to be able to provide the users a facility to export data that can be imported into OASYS.
This will enable studies of workers in any place from one unit, and subsequently feed it into OASYS
Oasys, Specialist, 9/19/2007, 9/20/2007,

Hi. I remember we talked about this a while ago and it petered out. We will have to think about funding, but an online service would be possible. Thinking about server load, how much use does WEB-PEF get and how much would be passed on to Oasys?

I have just asked my programmer about the load.
So far it has been used only for smaller projects. However i have a Chinese colleague, who is interested, so it mightincrease a substantial bit in the future.

I think it would be useful to talk to your programmer about possible techincal solutions. You can use the "Contact" link at the bottom of the page to contact us and leave your email. This is a bit safer than leaving email addresses in forum posts.

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