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We are in Izmir and have noit been able to work the old Oasys. Now we are excited but cannot find out how to save a copy of the report with the graph onto our own computer. Is this possible?
Oasys, Specialist, 4/16/2010, 4/19/2010,

Option 1.

The individual pages of the report can be copied and pasted into other applications (Word, for example) and then saved.

Option 2.

The report can be printed out on paper for a patient's notes. There are "printer drivers" which instead of printing out a document convert it to a pdf. You could install one of these and then create pdf files from the reports. We may add an option in Oasys to print to pdf in the future. Listed below are some free pdf printer drivers. I have used pdf995 and it works fine. You will need to make sure that "high compatibility printing" in the "Printing" tab of the Options ("Edit - Options") windows is unticked. If it is ticked you may end of creating more than one pdf document for each report.

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