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Hi cedd/colleague
Thanks for your kindly sharing the program. I have copied filled into C:\program file\oasys and changed the OGRAPH.txt to OGRAPH.exe. However, I sitll can not install the program. there is always a box poping out, saying "16bit MS DOS subsystem,NTVDM CPV has already met a illegal instruction, CS:057B IP:0112 OP:63 72 6f 73 6f, please close and stop the program". My computer system is windos xp 64bit.
Thanks so much!
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Hi there. I'm afraid we don't have any 64 bit versions of windows here so it will be difficult to find out what is going on. I shall try and ask some colleagues and see if I can come up with any ideas.

I will report back soon!

Ok, I have a couple of ideas.

First, right click on ograph.exe and then click on "properties" from the menu that pops up. Click on the compatibility tab, tick the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" box and then choose "Windows 95" from the box below. Then run the program and see if it works.

Google says that this error can be caused by viruses, so if the above doesn't work then do a full virus scan and sort out any problems.

If neither of these work then reply here and I'll think of some more ideas.

Thanks very much!
I have tried to check the "properties". It still doesn't work. I use "Avira" for my antiviral system. After repeat full virus scan, the Oasys still can not be installed. I have tried 5 computers and all with same problem. One of the 5 computer is English language system, the others are with Chinaese system.
Thanks a lot!

Had a search around the internet. Looks quite a tricky issue due to Oasys being 16 bit, which Windows 7 on 64 bit doesn't appear to support. However, there is an XP virtual mode: that your system might be able to run. Far from ideal. You say you've tried 5 computers are thye all 64bit \ Windows 7 too?

Ah, just re-read and noticed you have got Windows XP on 64bit not Windows 7. I expect until someone can get access to a similar 64bit it's going to be tricky to resolve.

Ok, can you try the steps detailed here anbd report back? Don't worry about the stuff under "Check program-specific issues".;en-us;314106

Do you have any 32bit versions of windows xp you can try it on?

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