Philippe Camus (Hôpital Le Bocage, Dijon, France)

(Plain text: Philippe Camus - Hopital Le Bocage, Dijon, France)

Runs Pneumotox, the best database for drug induced lung diseases, as a member of Geppi. The GEPPI (for Groupe d'Etudes de la Pathologie Pulmonaire Iatrogène) is a clinical study group founded in France in 1995 within the SPLF (Société de Pneumologie de Langue Française) and the AFCP (Association Française des Centres de Pharmacovigilance). The purpose of this group is to provide information regarding individual cases, collect and update literature on drug-induced lung disease, publish updated lists of offending compounds, and formulate warnings when new side-effects of drugs come to knowledge.

Philippe Camus (2008)

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