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Gove RI, Burge PS, Stableforth DE, Skinner C, The effects of ketotifen on beta-adrenergic activity in asthmatics, Eur J Clin Pharmacol, 1988;34:585-589,

Keywords: ketotifen, asthma, salbutamol

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In order to examine a possible mechanism of action of ketotifen in asthma, a double-blind study was undertaken to determine whether ketotifen showed any effects on the beta-adrenergic system in asthmatic patients. The effects of ketotifen 1 mg b.i.d. for one month on the changes in spirometry, plasma potassium and serum glucose nebulized salbutamol was compared with placebo. In addition the degree of inhibition caused by local salbutamol on the wheal volume due to intradermal prostaglandin E and bradykinin, was compared following ketotifen and placebo. Nebulized salbutamol produced consistent improvements in spirometry and changes in potassium and glucose levels. Local salbutamol significantly decreased the wheal volume induced by intradermal prostaglandin E and bradykinin. However, none of these salbutamol-induced effects were altered following ketotifen or placebo. Ketotifen, in the doses used, has no demonstrable effect on the beta-adrenergic system in asthmatic patients

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