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Gorski P, Krakowiak A, Does formaldehyde-induced asthma exist?, Med Pr, 1992;43:187-190,

Keywords: oa, formaldehyde, review

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Pawel Gorski, University of Lodz, Poland Pawel Gorski

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Formaldehyde is a ubiquitous airborne pollutant in our modern environment. There are many potential sources of formaldehyde in the industrial setting. Ambient formaldehyde affects primarily the upper airways and eyes. Lower airway and pulmonary effects occur at exposure levels between 6-38 mg/m3. It is so soluble and rapidly metabolized that it seldom reaches the lower respiratory tract to inflict damage. There is no consistent evidence indicating that formaldehyde can be a respiratory sensitizer. It may, on rare occasions, induce bronchial asthma at relatively high exposure doses. There are no conclusive studies that would prove the development of de novo-IgE-mediated respiratory tract symptoms as resulting from inhalation of formaldehyde

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