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Yoshimura H, Hatakeyama M, Otsuji H, Maeda M, Ohishi H, Uchida H, Kasuga H, Katada H, Narita N, Mikami R, Pulmonary asbestosis: CT study of subpleural curvilinear shadow. Work in progress., Radiology, 1986;158:653-658,10.1148/radiology.158.3.3945733

Keywords: asbestosis, CT, Japan, Yoshimura lines

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High-resolution computed tomographic scans of 19 patients with pulmonary asbestosis revealed a subpleural curvilinear shadow (SCLS) parallel to the inner chest wall in the lungs of 15 (78.9%) patients. Most (46.7%) SCLS measured greater than 5 cm but less than 10 cm in length and occurred less than 1 cm from the inner chest wall in all cases. SCLS was distributed mainly in the lower lobe in patients with mild pulmonary fibrosis and in segments where fibrosis was mild in patients with honeycomb shadows. This may reflect initiation of pulmonary fibrosis leading to the formation of a honeycomb shadow. Radiologic-pathologic correlation, achieved in one postmortem specimen, seemed to indicate that SCLS was associated with the initial change of fibrosing bronchioloalveolitis, which is characteristic of pulmonary asbestosis.

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