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Dhara R, Dhara VR, Bhopal—A Case Study of International Disaster, Int J Occup Environ Health, 1995;1:58-69,10.1179/oeh.1995.1.1.58
(Plain text: Dhara R, Dhara VR, Bhopal-A Case Study of International Disaster, Int J Occup Environ Health)

Keywords: bhopal, india, methyl isocyanate, bronchiolitis, pulmonary oedema, acute lung injury

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This paper outlines what is known about the probable events leading up to the disaster in Bhopal, India, in 1984, wherein release of a gas cloud from an industrial plant killed over 3,800 people. It briefly reviews the toxicology of methyl isocyanine, a major component of the cloud; presents an overview of the acute and chronic health effects of the gas exposure from published human and animal studies; identifies some of the clinical dilemmas and medical management and epidemiologic issues being debated; provides an insight into national and transnational implication; and summarizes the lessons learned or not learned from this disaster of global significance.

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