Oasys March 2011 Released

Oasys March 2011 Released
This latest version (March 2011) has changed the location of the Oasys Server so that Oasys will work with virtually all firewalls with no setup. Older versions of Oasys can still work but will require a change in the URL of the Oasys Server from the options.

There are a number of new ways of working with the patient details file and there are some printer improvements and bug fixes. Please see Oasys Version History for more information.

You can download the software for free, but you will need to register with the website in order to use it (this is also free). All personally identifiable details in the records you save will be kept on your computer. All anonymous details will be saved to this computer. See our data protection section for more details. No personally identifiable information is ever sent to or stored on the Oasys Server.


Oasys March 2011 Release
Oasys March 2011 MWD Release
Oasys March 2011 Asma-1 Release


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