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Ispaghula husks are a bulk laxative and can cause asthma in pharmaceutical workers preparing products and in health-care works dispensing ispaghula from tins.

Other Names
Fibrelief® and Fibrelief® Orange
Fybogel® and Fybogel® Orange
Fybogel® Mebeverine (ispaghula husk with mebeverine)
Sources of Exposure



Pharmacetical wokers preparing ispaghula husks

Healthcare workers dispensing bulk ispaghula

Epidemiological Studies

Malo JL, Cartier A, L'Archeveque J, Ghezzo H, Lagier F, Trudeau C, Dolovich J , Prevalence of occupational asthma and immunologic sensitization to psyllium among health personnel in chronic care hospitals , Am Rev Respir Dis , 1990 ; 142 : 1359-1366

Marks GB, Salome CM, Woolcock AJ , Asthma and allergy associated with occupational exposure to ispaghula and senna products in a pharmaceutical work force , Am Rev Respir Dis , 1991 ; 144 : 1065-1069 

McConnochie K, Edwards JH, Fifield R , Ispaghula sensitisation in workers manufacturing a bulk laxative , Clin Exp Allergy , 1990 ; 20 : 199-202

Air Measurements
Specific IgE/ Skin prick test Specific Ige / Skin prick test available as a method of confirmation?
Biological Monitoring Not available
Specific Challenge Machado L, Olsson G, Stalenheim G, Zetterstrom O , Dust exposure challenge test as a measure of potential allergenicity and occupational disease risk in handling ispaghula products , Allergy , 1983 ; 38 : 141-144
Early References

Goransson K, Michaelson NG , Ispagula powder: an allergen in the work environment , Scand J Work Environ Health , 1979 ; 5 : 257-261

Machado L, Zetterstrom O, Fagerberg E , Occupational allergy in nurses to a bulk laxative , Allergy , 1979 ; 34 : 51-55

Substitutes  Individually packaged sachets reduce risk for health-vcare workers

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