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Known Synonyms

Acrylate Glue
Alpha bond adhesvie
Biresin s15R Hardner
Direct adhesive perfecta 10
Ecobond 45 Clear
Ecobond 45 LV
unkown glues
Adhesives as a group are a common cause of occupational asthma. At a simplistic level it seems that agents that can bind to protein can produce haptens to which the body can become allergic. Isocyanates, epoxy curing agents and Acrylates all come within this category. Other recognised adhesives causing occupational asthma include Colophony as a hot melt adhesive and urea formaldehyde as a woodworking adhesive.

Oasys Notifications for Adhesives

The Oasys Audit scheme started midway through 2010 and collects agents typed in through the Oasys program. The years before 2010 show old data entered during 2010 or later and are likely to have many fewer notifications. We expect Oasys to become more widely adopted as time goes by so increasing notifications does not necessarily mean an increasing problem.

Occupational asthma notifications to the Oasys Audit Scheme for Adhesives

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