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All common areoallergen and birds
Bird Dander
Pigeon feathers and excreta?
Asthma can be due to birds, but is uncommon in our experience. Allergic alveolitis (also called Bird fanciers lung or hypersensitivity pnuemonitis) is much more common.

Birds visiting your garden are an unlikely cause, most problems occur from birds kept indoors or in breeders. Outdoor birds are generally too far away to be a problem. 

The main agent that causes the allergy is the bloom on the feathers (the dust that comes off which keeps the feathers sliding nicely over each other). It comes from the preen gland (also known as oil gland or uropygial gland) usually found under the base of the birds' tail and spread over the feathers with the beak. The droppings can also be a problem if they dry and are inhaled. Most good quality flying birds keep their feathers in good condition, resulting in lots of bloom. Chickens on the other hand are usually very scruffy and allergy to chickens is uncommon.

Psitticosis is also a possibility, where infection spreads from the bird to the person. In this case the bird will be ill as well.

Oasys Notifications for Birds

The Oasys Audit scheme started midway through 2010 and collects agents typed in through the Oasys program. The years before 2010 show old data entered during 2010 or later and are likely to have many fewer notifications. We expect Oasys to become more widely adopted as time goes by so increasing notifications does not necessarily mean an increasing problem.

Occupational asthma notifications to the Oasys Audit Scheme for Birds

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i was exposed to man made, atomised wet and dry airborne seagull Guano approx 14 days ago on an installation offshore and subsequently my face neck and wrists were as i had been scalded and the skin fell of in flakes from forehead cheeks ears and eye lids,my face was swollen and eye lids were flaking.i have been informed that seagull Guano is very acidic and can be very dangerous if ingested internally,i have read up a little on the subject but as the days pass i feel more anxious about my loss of weight[3.5KGMS IN 10 DAYS],tight chest,pains in upper back.Should i be concerened?

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