Is it possible to get emphysema from solder fumes

I am a 57 year old male I worked up until 4 years ago as an Auto Electrician where I had this occupation for 10 years prior to this. During this period I designed and built Electrical Systems for the Security Industry inside specialised vehicles during this time I soldered wiring for 4 to 6 hours a day sometimes longer in a confined area with no extraction system, is it possible that solder fumes have given me Emphysema ? I smoked for nine years stopping 29 years ago smoking l5-20 per day. I have an X ray from 1992 showing there is no Emphysema in my Lungs, is it possible this occupation caused this illness.
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Most soldering flux fumes causes asthma rather than emphysema, patients with bad asthma do not progress to emphysema without smoking (something). A few electronic workers are exposed to cadmium fume, the only well recognised occupational cause of emphysema, although silica probably does as well. You should check whether there is any cadmium present, if so you can measure this in blood or urine, it stays around for years. The chest x-ray is an unreliable way of confirming or excluding emphysema, which now is usually diagnosed from CT scans, so having a normal chest x-ray in the past does not mean that there was no emphysema present.

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