Specific bronchial challenge done privately

Where can I get aspecific test done as a second opinion as my GP is unwilling.
I want to get an IgG test and Aspilergia (pardon Spelling but it was a foreign gentleman I was talking to), and lung Chlamidia test done on me - and a specific test for allergy to my Silver African Grey Parrot Bobbiegirl. I want to do this privately and independantly as a second opinion. Where dO I go and whom do I contact please my GP is not being helpful and Brompton tested for chicken and pigeon neither of which I have been near.
I do not want to part with Bobbiegirl as she is five and silly soppy hand tame, I had her from a baby, she was supposed to be a boy, my mistake. The breeder was very reliable.
Its breaking my heart waiting for a diagnosis after 2 and half years with the Brompton. please can you email me at gill.bridge@tiscali.co.uk as well as posting a reply here if that is the norm - I may not pick it up here new to site and computing.
Gill Bridge
Oasys, Specialist, 2/20/2006, 2/20/2006,

There is a lot of cross over between antigens (the things you are allergic to) from different birds and most people think that testing for pigeons and budgerigars is sufficient and will pick out allergy to other birds. There are many bird fanciers with positive tests and no disease, but also a few with negative tests and allergy to birds. The racing pigeons association laboratory in Glasgow provides the reference service. Blood can be sent to Dr C McSharry, Department of immunology, Western Infirmary, Glasgow, G11 6NT.

If you are worried about allergy to the bird, the best thing is to see if you are better when you are away from the bird. I am not sure what disease you think you are having, but if you have asthma, it would be worth keeping occupational type records of your peak flow, before during and after a holiday away from home 9you can get information about doing this from this website). it is better for you to move rather than bobbiegirl as the allergens from the bird stay in the environment for a long time after the bird has gone.

The Brompton hospital have the best tests for Aspergillus fumigatus, there are several types of chlamydia, the infection from birds is due to Chlamydia psitticae this causes a pneumonia-like illness rather than any longterm breathing problems and would make bobbiegirl ill as well. Most standard microbiology labs would offer this test.

The link below gives more information.
Occupational asthma: Bird Fancier's Lung Bird Fancier's Lung

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