missmatch between entered and on-graph data

Dear Sirs
Pef measurements, that are entered in oasys worksheet, do not appear same on the graf and probably in subsequent analysis.
I have taken pictures from the interface, but unfortunately there are no place where to attach it. May be you could provide email aadress, where I can send it? It will ease substantionally understanding of the probleem.
For instance, on the certain day patient blow PEFs in the range: 320-370L/min. On the graf however min is 240, max is 300 and mean 265L/min.
Can you, please, help topp sort out the probleem?
With best regards, Svetlana Sergejeva, MD
Oasys, Specialist, 11/5/2018, 11/6/2018,

I have emailed you, but it is likely this is because the data is being "linearised" if you have said that the person used a non-linear meter.

Hi There. Oasys applies a "correction" to old style Mini Wright meters. This is because they over read low readings and under read high readings. I think you have probably selected one of these for the record.

To change it, go the the patient demographics window, click on the "Record Info" tab, and choose the type of meter that the patient was using. If you are not sure then choose "Other Linear" to make sure that no correction is applied.
Occupational asthma: Patient Demographics Patient Demographics

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