Egg & peanut allergy - predisposition for allergic alveolitis ?

My son is to start work in a centre for birds and animals. Birds include a few parakeets, pigeons, chickens.

He has peanut allergy (can go into shock), and egg allergy (vomits violently). He is also allergic to shellfish, house dust and pollen. (Mild asthma -has inhalers). On the whole his allergies are controlled and don't rule his life or choices.

I'm worried his existing sensitivities may be added to by bird bloom allergy. Is he more likely than the average person to develop issues over time. He is also considering adopting a parrot.

He's never had exposure to birds. Would a skin prick test id an existing allergy, or would this only appear over time.
Occupational Asthma, Health Professional, 8/6/2016, 6/14/2017,

Allergic alveolitis has different allergic mechanisms from anaphylaxis with IgE sensitisation, and are probably not related. IgE allergy to birds is uncommon. I would worry much more about allergy to other animals such as cats and rodents, where atopic individuals are at increased risk of sensitization

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