Lung collapse when spray painting

I was at work painting a car wearing my employer supplied 3m 6000 negitive pressure respirator and my left lung collapsed the pulmonary speaicalist sent back to work after a month and a half my lung has not collapsed agin but after and sometimes during painting i get sever chest pain on my left side about the same as when it collapsed and atight chest and shortness of breath have you everheard of this happening with the use of diisocyanates thanks for your time.
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A collapsed lung is usually due to a pneumothrax, when air gets between your lung and the inside of your ribs. This often occurs in young people who have cysts on the edge of their lungs, and in older people mostly with cysts from smoking causing emphysema. The treatment is to let the air out if it is bad. If you have had a tube put into your chest, this can cause pain for a long time afterwards. Also pneumothaces have a habbit of coming back. You will probably know if this happens, with the sudden pain and breathlessness. As far as I know they are not caused by wearing breathing apparatus and are only very rarely related to asthma. The only occupational things thet you should not do with a pneumothrax is to dive or fly.
Collapsed lungs can also be due to something blocking the air tubes (bronchi). In this case there is no air between the lung and the ribs. The lung collapsed due to lack of air getting in, this can occur in asthmatics (mostly children) but I have never seen it in somebody with occupational asthma; it is extremely rare in adult asthmatics.

Hello, I do spray paint art as a hobby and also studied anatomy and physiology, diseases of the human body. And mechanic for three years.
I recently suffered from An upper respiratory tract infection after a long session of spraying. If the protection you are using is inadequate or the filters of your respirator needs replacing; you would be inhaling all of the harmful fumes, the nose causing sinusitus and post nasal drip, the drip can travel down your throat into your lungs causing URTI or worse pneumonia, which can cause collapsed lung if left untrwated or if fluid or paint particles travel to the lungs. Replace your respirator with a new one after extensive use. Also at work a adequate ventilation of the room you spray in. Environmental health at work act. Hope this helps. :)

Forgot to add pneumoconisis is the occupational disease commonly diagnosed in people with work related hazards.. Eg aspestos.. Paint fumes.. And nurses can develop occupational asthma caused by latex. The extended occupational disease can lead to chronic bronchitus, ashtma and COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. I suggest really looking into the safety and protection at work because prolonged inhaltion of paint fumes and the pressure gasesin the can, can cause neurological toxic shock, which will put you in a wheel chair.

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