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Corrin B, Aluminium pneumoconiosis. 1. in vitro comparison of stamped aluminium powders containing different lubricating agents and a granular aluminium powder, Br J Industr Med, 1963;20:264-267,

Keywords: Aluminium, aluminosis, pneumoconiosis

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Bryan Corrin, Royal Brompton Hospital Bryan Corrin

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Hello , Proffesor Corrin. I'have to be brief here, first time i oasys, seems that abstract and text of this article are not available,nevertheless i'd like to introduce my self briefly, I'm a pathologist (histopathologist) my area is lung at an specialized hospital in my country (we are a public facility -of the kind of NHS services - ) , all this years I highly had appreciate your work in articles and textbook (wich i use as reference ) ; as the lung diseases increases in number and severity in my country i 'd want to ask you by this mean if there's any kind of chance to spend a time as observer to improve my training in lung pathology , maybe next spring 2014 (?) (the institution here is able to afford part of my training ) . beforehand i thank you for your time .
Best regards .
L.C Mita-Alban MD.

I'm afraid I don't have the email address for Professor Corrin. You could try writing a letter to:
Professor B Corrin,
Cardiothoracic Institute,
Brompton Hospital,
SW3 6HP.

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