Needing some help with understanding this serial PEFR report

This person had an acute exposure to diesel exhaust fumes and now have persistent respiratory symptoms. All previous investigation inclusive of serial peak flow and methacholine challenge was negative.
She is no longer exposed but is on asthma medication and reportedly quite symptomatic. I repeated her serial PEFR a second time and the score now is 0.00.
Occupational Asthma, Health Professional, 3/6/2017, 3/8/2017,

is the person now away from work altogether? If you haven't enetered any work times into the peak flow record, the score will be returned as 0.00 as there are no work periods. If that is not the case, i would be happy to take a look at the record. Thanks

This sounds like acute irritant asthma. If this is the case the acute exposure is the cause of the asthma, but the patient has not become sensitised and so subsequent normal exposures do not result in asthma attacks

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